Sound and Light

Welcome to Cha Cha Clown! This is the best company in Malaysia that will provide you with sound and lighting services. We supply and install sound system and lighting system to any kind of events or parties in Malaysia which will give you the best audio and visual experience. Choose Cha Cha Clown full services for tension free event success, with professional and friendly technical support.

Cha-Cha has performed regularly for KFC, Carrefour, KLCC and NTV7’s family days, carnivals and festivals. He is available for corporate work, birthday parties, and any time you have a group of Big City Maids that wants to laugh.

For years Cha-Cha has entertained creating happy memories for children of all ages. You will be entertained from the minute he arrives until it is time to go home with fun games, great mix of music, magic and balloon sculpture at office cleaning services houston tx. Cha-Cha may appear in with or without make-up and costume to suit the occasion.